June 23-25, 2023


Roll Fest

Celebrating LGBTQIA+led Actual Play Podcasts and Streams

Do you love Actual Play shows? What about LGBTQIA+led shows? Whether you're tuning in to support your favorite creators or looking for a new favorite, join us for Rainbow Roll Fest as we showcase and celebrate everything the queer tabletop sphere has to offer!


Ctrl Group
The Eternity Archives
Roar to Heaven
Sword of Symphonies
Tales Yet Told
An Unwavering Force
The Valkyrie Cycle
Bad Heroes
Beyond the Furthest Stars
Blanket Fort RPG
Capricious Provenance
Deck of Many Aces
Ghosts on a Train
Goblets and Gays
Itaewon By Night
Outcast & Outclassed
The Mythic Initiative
Ways and Wanderings: The Beginning
Wing Women
Rainbow Roll Rally awards

Join us!

Our festival will be streaming live on twitch.tv/rainbowrollfest the evening of June 23rd and all day on June 24th and 25th! You can watch along using the embed below, but for the full experience, hop over to our Twitch page and join in the chat!

Want to chat with fellow LGBTQIA+led AP fans before and after the Festival? Want to hang out in a virtual con hall during the Festival itself? Come join us on the official Rainbow Roll Fest Discord server!

QR code for RRF Discord

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