2022 Showcase

2022 Selections


We test systems so you don't have to!

Cast: Dennis Verrett, Marcus Stocks, Nicholas Hodge, Sarah Williams

Rating: PG-13

System: Multi


Dice Will Roll

The Queerest Pathfinder Podcast On The Planet

Host: Derry Luttrell

Cast: Dave P., Ritz S., Luna S.N.

Rating: R

System: Pathfinder 2e


The Eternity Archives

Three Archivists, Infinite Games, One Multi-Dimensional Library

Hosts: Bappy as Ryl, Dorca as Zen, Ziva as Linda

Editor: Dorca

Rating: R

System: Multi


The Game is Afoot!

Games and interviews with queer creatives!

Host, game master, editor, producer: Ryan Whitmarsh-Jones

Rating: PG-13

System: Multi


Goblets and Gays

The Gayest Pathfinder Podcast in the multiverse

GM: Aubrey

Co-Producers: Aubrey, Aki

Cast: Aki - Astraea, Alyssa - Tamsen, Dusty - Joanna, Farris - Dumisa, Sparlock - Grun, Tick - Marrow

Rating: PG-13

System: Pathfinder 2e


The Last Tapestry

Fate is dead. They're the replacements.

Producer, Writer, Editor: Daniel Locke

Cast: Bianca Roberts, Atticus Stinson

Graphic Designer: Bianca Roberts

Artist: Atticus Stinson

Rating: PG-13

System: D&D 5e homebrew


SuperIdols! RPG

A story about magical transforming superteens trying to make it big in the music world!

GM, host, editor, producer: ErynCerise 

Players: Dana Lexa, Tea, Drakoniques, Luca, Liv Chavez

Editor: Kathleen Childs 

Rating: PG-13

System: Masks, Heartbeats in Perfect Sync


Sword of Symphonies

Cozy roleplaying in a haunted post-apocalypse.

Game writer, GM: Cat McDonald

Cast: Kathleen Childs - Tissa, Nick Acheff - Cobb, Kersten Hegberg - Penelope

Editor, Sound Designer: Kathleen Childs

Rating: PG-13

System: Heroic Chord


Tales Yet Told

An actual play podcast, dedicated to telling weird and fun stories full of imagination, thoughtful characterization, and inclusivity.

Host/GM/Editor: Kendrick Smith

Cast: Gus (Walter Brookstone), Hilda (Dorothy Reed), Marceline (Dakota Wallace)

Rating: R

System: Babes In The Wood 1e, Abnormal, Epitaph


Bad Heroes

A fantasy actual play podcast with a love of comedy, adventure, and the more charming forces of Hell.

GM/Co-Producer: Drea Silvertooth

Co-Producer: Lian Xia Rose

Players: Kazz, Koulnis, Lian, Rev

Rating: R

System: Pathfinder 1e 


Bring Your Own Mech

This is the story of four Lancers, talented pilots of mechanized chassis from all corners of the known universe, thrown together by circumstance and destiny...and credits.

Game Master: Reed (@ReedPlays)

Cast: Amelia (@am_ridz_music) as Matcha, Aki (@akinomii_art) as Moxie, Dusty (@Dustehill) as Roadkill, Aubrey (@MadQueenCosplay) as Silver

Rating: R

System: Lancer 


Campaign: Skyjacks

A folktale punk RPG actual play about sky pirates in a world inspired by the music of the Decemberists and classic adventure fiction.

GM: James D'Amato

Cast: Jonnit Kessler - Tyler Davis, Gable - Liz Anderson, Travis Matagot - Johnny O'Mara, Dref Wormwood - JPC/John Patrick Coan, Orimar Vale - Nathan Blades

Music: Arne Parrott

Audio Editing: Casey Toney

Rating: R

System: Genesys, Starcrossed 



Two gnomes, a tief-elf, and a talking dog walk into a bakery. This is their story.

GM, Creative Director, Lorekeeper, and Executive Producer: Esther Wallace (@dungeonminister on Twitter)

Cast: David Yamashiro as Oom Gildrose, Fairuz Rougeaux as Temerity Vane, Justin Brown as Ember, Alex Rudy as Professor Z

Producer & Creative Director: Fairuz Rougeaux (@fairouxx on Twitter) 

Artistic Director: Justin Brown (@PatchesConjures on Twitter) 

Production Advisor: David Yamashiro

Technical Director: Alex Rudy

Rating: R

System: Pathfinder 2e


The City that Never Dies

A Blades in the Dark Actual Play Podcast

GM/Editor: Rhi

Players: Aki, Josie, Kim, Minna

Rating: PG-13

System: Blades in the Dark


Crit Out Of Luck - The Last Song of Arcadia

Crit Out Of Luck is an actual-play D&D podcast about the trials that come along with a hero's reputation, cooked up by five-long time friends.

Dungeon Master: Trevor @CriticalFayleDM

Players: Alycone - Ian @ThePythagorian, Q'Shek - Freddy @uncleiroh95, Seren - Madison @madsadcatfish, Surrie - Robin @robinpfed

Rating: PG-13

System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e 


Dangerous Times at Chillhaven High

A Narrative Play Supernatural Teen Drama

Editor, producer, game master: Phillip Stressman

Cast: James Ketelaar, Bess Lawson, Maegan Stressman

Original music: James Ketelaar

Rating: R

System: Monster of the Week, Oh Dang, Bigfoot Stole My Car With My Best Friend's Birthday Present Inside 


Deck of Many Aces

An actual-play podcast made by actual asexuals and aromantics!

DM, editor: Ellie Webster

Cast: Am Chisholm - Tohsya, Chloe - Raina, Eiriol - Delphi, Katie - Morgan

Editor, composer: Chloe

Artist: Eiriol

Transcription: Katie

Rating: PG

System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e


Just Roll with It

An actual play podcast where we check out all the games we haven’t had the chance to play yet.

Cast, hosts, editors, managers: Peter Cargill (@thechaoticsuper), Kelsey Clarey (@islanderscaper), Kori Klinzing (@nvulnerabletide). 

Social media manager: Kelsey Clarey (@islanderscaper)

Rating: R

System: Multi



Finite Heroes, Infinite Dimensions

Cast: Erik (@primefactorx01), Charlie (@magical_pride), Siobhan (@spellboundmage), Fabby Garza (@fabby_garza), Olivia (@livicottle), Allison, Thom (@albiongraves), M (@mekkitymek), Lee (@_knight_of_cups)

Rating: PG-13

System: Masks: A New Generation


Party of One

An AP podcast focused on two-player roleplaying experiences.

Host: Jeff Stormer

Producer: Jen Frank

Rating: PG-13

System: Multi


Roar to Heaven

Teen pilots wield music as their weapon, humanity's last chance against the armies of Heaven.

GM: Cat McDonald

Co-Producer: Eryn Cerise

Cast: Flannery Fontaine - Eryn Cerise, Balthazar Baker - Kendrick, Mia Talley - Dillon, Linlin Yang - Jordan

Editor: Kathleen

Transcriptions: Luca

Rating: R

System: Blazing Hymn


Tall Dwarf Tavern

Big things come in above average packages

Host and DM: Dakotah Mann

Cast: Kyle Beetham - Vali, Stephen Knowles - Skeeve, Taylor McGrew - Mordir , Austin Tanner - Kaim, Chris White - Caspar

Rating: R

System: Dungeons & Dragons


Tower of the Soul

Unabashed queer chaos and shenanigans.

DM and Dungeon Master: @beholdertonoone

Awfully Queer Heroes team, hosts: @SkaldofShenan, @kapendreki

Cast: @SkaldofShenan, @kapendreki, @kparish, @WalshAnimation, @MtnTrollChief

Rating: R

System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e


Very Random Encounters

We play TTRPGs in which we randomize as many things as possible.

Cast: Greg Leatherman, Wheels Wheeler, Logan Jenkins, Lee Terrill

Rating: R

System: Multi