2023 Showcase

2023 Selections


Chromythica is a Pathfinder 2e actual play campaign about belonging, community, and the process of making meaning out of complex situations. 


We test 'em so you don't have to!

Rating: PG-13

System: Multi

Website: https://ctrlgrouppod.com/

The Eternity Archives

Three Archivists, infinite games, one multi-dimensional Library.

Rating: R

System: Multi

Website: www.theeternityarchives.com

Roar to Heaven

Humanity's Last Line of Defense

Rating: R

System: Blazing Hymn

Website: https://www.peachgardengames.com/about-roar-to-heaven 

Sword of Symphonies

Adventure and friendship in a world that no longer belongs to humanity.

Rating: PG-13

System: Heroic Chord

Website: www.peachgardengames.com/about

Tales Yet Told

An Actual Play Podcast dedicated to telling strange and intimate stories full imagination, thoughtful characterization, and inclusivity.

Rating: R

System: Multi

Website: https://talesyettold.podbean.com/

An Unwavering Force

A Star Wars actual play dealing with those that use the force and how it affects those it touches.

Rating: PG-13

System: Pathfinder 2e

Website: https://shows.acast.com/an-unwavering-force

The Valkyrie Cycle

What if the worst people you knew in high school were tasked with saving the world?

Bad Heroes

One evil queen, three deadly curses, and four bad heroes in over their heads.

Beyond the Furthest Stars

See you out there, Beyond the Furthest Stars!

Blanket Fort RPG

Blanket Fort RPG is an edited actual play show with short campaigns, each using a different system! 

Capricious Provenance

An all queer & trans, BIPOC centered D&D 5e home game podcast set in an arcanepunk, homebrewed Eberron setting!

Deck of Many Aces

An actual-play podcast made by actual aromantics and asexuals!

Ghosts on a Train

A drunkard, an orphan, and a himbo have the crap job of keeping ghosts off of a train.

Goblets and Gays

The Gayest Award-Winning Pathfinder Podcast in the Multiverse

Rating: PG-13

System: Pathfinder 2e

Website: https://linktr.ee/Gobletsandgays

Itaewon By Night

Take a peak at Kindred as you haven't seen before. Divorced from the Camarilla and Anarchs, welcome to Itaewon.

Rating: R

System: Vampire the Masquerade

Website: https://twitter.com/badhouserpg

Outcast & Outclassed

Join WafflesMapleSyrup as they run a Pathfinder2e Actual Play with a diverse cast through the Strength of Thousands Adventure Path!


Actual Play ft. SF/F Fiction Professionals

The Mythic Initiative

When the darkness comes and the apocalypse is near only the weird can stop the impossible!

Ways and Wanderings: The Beginning

A comfortable journey through the Wanderhome RPG.

Wing Women

A semi-historical story of the real life night witches, using the Jason Morningstar system of the same name.